Bride Groom Entry

We create the first impression of grandeur that lasts forever in the memories of your guests for your celebration. The grand entrance occurs when the Bride & Groom enter the wedding venue. Bridal entry will be on Palki or Doli etc. The groom usually goes in a grand procession to the bride's place. He sits on a decorated horse. Although you want to have the best grand entrance possible at your wedding reception, keep in mind that there is no need to go over the top. All eyes will be on the bride and groom anyway, so it is best to keep it straightforward, yet memorable.The most important thing about a bride & groom entrance is that it fits with their personality and the theme of the Wedding day. We assist Welcome Host or Hostesses, Dance troupe, escorts, Shehnai player etc. for the welcome of Bride, Groom and for the guests.We at Divine Events- the wedding planner/ Event Management UDAIPUR Rajasthan offer unique perceptions for the Bride and Groom entry. According to the mood & theme, the entry of the Groom with crystal chadder or stroll & Bridal entry either on the Palki or Doli & much more. A traditional entry of the couple on the London Bridge or Lotus Theme & so on. We customize every entry according to your preference and budget.